Fidel was devoted to the cause of the people

Letter to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada, I write to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to you, and through you to the Cuban people, the government, the Communist Party, and to the family, at the sad news of the death of Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, the leader of the Cuban revolution for more than 50 years.


Comrade Fidel’s life was devoted to the cause of the working people of Cuba, of Latin America and the world. He gave his entire life to the fight for national liberation and independence, for socialism, peace, equality, democracy, and social advance for all working people. That is why the CIA and assorted gusanos made more than 600 attempts on his life, and why the US blockade continues after 50 years.

Under his leadership, Cuba became the first free territory in the Americas: a beacon of light for all those struggling against imperialism and fascist dictatorships in Latin America, and around the world. He fought for unity and solidarity of the working people everywhere, for the progressive forces and states struggling for peace, democracy, sovereignty, and socialism, against imperialism, war and aggression.



Fidel created solidarity bonds with oppresed peoples of the Earth. In here, Fidel appears with Ta Thi Kieu. Vietcong, Sept 1973

He fought tenaciously for the creation of a new international economic order in which exploitation, oppression, and war were abolished and nations, states and peoples were free to develop on the basis of their sovereignty, self-determination and independence. Cuba’s internationalist assistance to the peoples of Angola, South Africa, Chile, Grenada, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and many other countries over more than 5 decades is the implementation of this vision.

Just prior to the overthrow of the Soviet Union and the socialist system of states, Fidel famously said that while Cuba did not seek out the responsibility to uphold the banner of socialism internationally, it would take on that responsibility if need be. It was a warning that became a reality within a very short time. While imperialism crowed that the end of history – meaning the victory of capitalism over socialism – had arrived, it was Cuba under the leadership of Fidel that upheld the banner of socialism, of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, on behalf of working people.


Comrade Fidel Castro and the struggle of the Cuban people to build socialism just 90 miles from the most powerful imperialist power on earth, lives on in the hearts and minds of billions of people, because the objectives of a classless society, a society built on the foundations of peace, democracy, environmental security and socialism, continue to be the inspiration for millions of people struggling for fundamental social change in their own countries, struggling to build a better future for themselves and their children.

The passing of Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz is a milestone in the international Communist movement, a significant marker in the transition from capitalism to socialism globally. Canadian Communists will gain new energy in the work to build new and stronger ties between Canada and Cuba, and to defeat those reactionary forces opposed to peace and progress in the Americas, to socialism in the world, and to the sovereignty, equality and Independence of all nations and states.

Viva Fidel! Hasta la victoria siempre!


Elizabeth Rowley
Communist Party of Canada

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Fidel is a mighty hero

Siegfried Barazov

To the socialist nations and liberated peoples of the world, Fidel Castro was and is a mighty hero, whose spirit stands beside the Great Lenin and all the other champions of a revolutionary tradition extending back almost three thousand years to the time when aristocratic power was first broken with an iron rod as the power of the people was mobilized and gathered around a hero of their own making.



Just as Cypselus of Corinth was remembered as a brutal tyrant by the parasitic aristocrats he cast down in 650 B.C., Fidel Castro will continue to be loathed by the capitalist class and their assorted reactionary lackeys around the world in our own time.  For the fascists who currently strut and dance in the streets of certain American cities, celebrating the death of a nightmarish red bogeyman who haunted their own twisted dreams of untrammeled power and ill-gotten gains, understand something that terrifies them just as it terrifies their political and economic masters.


Cypselus of Corinth. Photo credit: Encyclopaedia Britannica


All exploiters, big and little monsters alike, know the terrible truth: that they are losing and will lose the battle of history.  For the revolutionary tradition, first set into motion in defiant response to the evil exploitation of man by man, is relentless and it will not stop until the final bastion of ruling class power is stormed.  No matter how many times they try to bury it, it will always rise anew and grow stronger.  They cannot escape.  Fidel Castro and revolutionary heroes like him demonstrate the earthshattering truth to the downtrodden working masses of humanity that the proletarian is god.  And that when the working class, the creator of civilization, realizes its own power, and its own destiny, it is unstoppable.  Even the most powerful exploiter and oppressor is ultimately but a tiny mosquito, so easily crushed under the mighty hand of the people.

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Hasta siempre, Comandante

At 10:29 of this Friday November 25 2016 the Commander-in-Chief, Fidel Castro passed away. Raúl Castro confirmed the news on a live speech after the end of National News, in here we reproduced it for our readers [Below the original text in Spanish]:

Dear people of Cuba:

With a profound pain I appear to inform our people and the friends of América and the world, that today November 25, at 10:29 hours of the night the Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution has passed away. In fullfilment of the will expressed by El Compañero Fidel, his remains will be incinerated. During the first hours of tomorrow (by today) Saturday 26th, the organising committee of the funeral, will provide a detailed information to our people about the organisation of the posthumous tribute that will be given to the founder of the Cuban Revolución. ¡Hasta la Victoria, siempre!


A las 10:29 de este viernes 25 de noviembre de 2016 murió el Comandante en Jefe, Fidel Castro. La noticia la confirmó Raúl en una alocución en la emisión de cierre del Noticiero Nacional de Televisión, que reproducimos para nuestros lectores:

Querido pueblo de Cuba:

Con profundo dolor comparezco para informarle a nuestro pueblo y a los amigos de América y del mundo, que hoy 25 de noviembre, a las 10:29 horas de la noche falleció el Comandante en Jefe de la Revolución Cubana Fidel Castro Ruz. En cumplimiento a la voluntad expresa del Compañero Fidel, sus restos serán cremados. En las primeras horas de mañana sábado 26, la comisión organizadora de los funerales, brindará a nuestro pueblo una información detallada sobre la organización del Homenaje póstumo que se le tributará al fundador de la Revolución Cubana. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

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Act now to silence the drums of war over Syria

Central Committee, Communist Party of Canada, October 14-15, 2016

The devastating conflict in Syria which began in 2011 has now reached a new, extremely dangerous stage with the real possibility of direct military confrontation between the two leading nuclear powers, the U.S. (and NATO allies, including Canada) and the Russian Federation. In such a critical situation, it is vital for all progressive and peace-loving forces across Canada and around the world to speak out immediately to counter the deafening drums of war, and to demand that all states and governments act to bring about a negotiated political settlement to this conflict.
The war in Syria has already exacted a staggering toll in death and destruction, with over 400,000 deaths – more than half of which include innocent civilians caught in the crossfire – and millions driven into internal migration or foreign exile as refugees. Industry and national infrastructure have been destroyed on a massive scale, especially in the high combat zones of the country; economic losses estimated in the hundreds of billions; and unemployment and poverty for vast sections of the population.


Peace Dove conceived by Pablo Picasso for the 1949 1st World Peace Congress. Public domain. 

The conflict in Syria has never been a ‘civil war’ between supporters and opponents of the Assad government in Damascus. Rather, from the outset it has been a proxy war, sponsored and financed by U.S./NATO imperialism and its regional allies – Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Gulf States and Zionist Israel – with the aim of imposing regime change and the weakening and carving up of Syria, as imperialism had done earlier in Iraq and Libya.

Ruling circles in the U.S. and NATO countries have been completely duplicitous about their real intentions in Syria and the region as a whole. Their claims of combatting ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, and wanting to protect the lives of innocent civilians, are belied by facts which have surfaced during the course of the conflict.

Ever since the besieged Syrian government asked for and received military assistance from the Russian Federation in September 2015, the balance of forces has shifted decidedly against the ISIS and Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist insurgency and their Western sponsors. Over the past year the Syrian Army, with the help of the Russians and other allies in the region, have done much more to combat the mercenary terrorist forces than the US-led ‘coalition’ offensive had done over the preceding 31/2 years, and now the ‘rebel forces’ are on the verge of defeat in the strategic city of Aleppo.

But instead of welcoming these setbacks to the terrorist forces, Washington and the NATO powers have launched a much more intense and vitriolic propaganda war against the Assad government and the Russian Federation, accusing them of ‘war crimes’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ and once again invoking the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine as a pretext for direct military aggression against the Syrian government and its allies. These latest developments re-confirm that imperialism’s real objective continues to be the overthrow the Assad government, rather than to ‘fight terrorism’.

The bellicose rhetoric and propaganda offensive launched in recent weeks by U.S. and NATO leaders, uncritically parroted by the Western corporate media, has now reached a disturbingly high pitch. Plans being drafted by US/NATO military circles for direct attacks on Syrian and Russian forces; calls for the imposition of a “No Fly Zone” (as was used in Libya in 2011 to overthrow the Kaddafi government); and preparations to launch a direct cyber-attack on the Russian Federation – all of these could lead to a direct confrontation between the US/NATO and the Russian Federation, one which could quickly escalate into a world war, including the use of weapons of mass destruction.

There should be absolutely no underestimation of the urgent nature of the threat of global confrontation and war which have now emerged over the conflict in Syria. It is vital therefore that all anti-imperialist and progressive forces, the broad peace movement and all those dedicated to the cause of peace across Canada break the silence and mobilize to demand that the Canadian government act to defuse tensions by removing its own troops from Syria and the region, and working for a peaceful, negotiated way out the crisis, one which respects the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada calls on all of its Clubs and Committees, and all of its members, friends and supporters to build a broad ‘peace offensive’ as our highest priority at this critical juncture. The Communist Party also calls for full support to initiatives by the Canadian Peace Congress and other peace forces to address and counter this rising danger of war. The CPC also urges all democratic and progressive organizations and movements across the country – the trade union movement, Aboriginal peoples, youth and students, women’s and equality-seeking movements and others – to speak out now for peace, and to still the drums of war.

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Saving public services: Hydro One and Canada Post

Hello Guelph,
We are bringing two keynote speakers to analyse the importance of defending good quality public services and jobs.
These are the details:
– Speaker on Hydro One: Dave McKee (Leader of Communist Party of Ontario)
– Speaker on Canada Post: Tom Garbatt (CUPW Ontario Regional Office)
– Location: University of Guelph, University Center, Room 335
– Time: Nov. 14th at 7:00 pm
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The workers of Montreal’s Vieux-Port end the strike

One week ago, the permanent, regular and occasional workers of the Vieux-Port de Montréal and the Centre des sciences of Montréal accepted the pre-agreement by a 52% vote.  Furthermore, the latest confirmed reports, by CNW Telbec, indicate that seasonal workers have also accepted the pre-agreement, and therefore, they have also ended the strike.


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Who owns the ‘school’ that studies Canadian foreign policy?

Yves Engler

Next week the Fraser Institute’s newly established Peter Munk Centre for Free Enterprise will offer a day long “Introduction to Economic Reasoning” seminar for Grade 10-12 students in Scarborough. Launched in June with $5 million from the founder of Barrick Gold, the Centre for Free Enterprise cements Munk’s position as leading contributor to right-wing ideas. But, the ideologue’s biggest contribution has been to a venerable public institution.

The Munk School of Global Affairs reveals much about the state of foreign-policy debate in this country. Among 35 million Canadians, the University of Toronto would be hard pressed to find a less credible source of support for the study of international affairs.

Peter Munk is a right wing ideologue and mining magnate with an important personal stake in a particular foreign policy. The Munk founded Barrick Gold has benefited from Canadian diplomatic support, export financing and development aid.

With its projects spurring…

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