CPC Guelph wishes to congratulate Workers United Local 2641

who reached a deal!

Read more here: WORKERS UNITED ratification vote

WU picket line


SOS: Save our Services

If you missed the Public Forum for SOS, see the article below which features:

Andrew Cleary, president of ATU Local 1189
Shelley Sillers, president of the CUPW Local 546
Elaine McMurray
Leon Bovier, regional officer of CUPW

Read what they have to say regarding cuts to services and the impacts those cuts will have on the public.

Click here:     Public services under attack: union
Guelph Mercury
Thursday August 6th, 2014
By: Joanne Shuttleworth

Click here:     Citizens in Guelph fight the austerity agenda                          People’s Voice                                                                                                                        Monday September 1st, 2014                                                                                            By: PV Guelph Bureau

CFRU radio program that broadcasted the SOS – Save Our Services event:
The Working Week                                                                                                                   5:00 pm on Friday August 8, 2014                                                                                  Just click on the program name, and play in the specific date

#WheresMyBusWheres My Bus

The city of Guelph has locked out transit workers.  Money and benefits are NOT the issue.  To understand the terms of working conditions being addressed see below.

Click here:     Guelph Transit members expect service disruption over lockout could be lengthy 
Guelph Mercury
Monday July 21, 2014
By: Chris Seto