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From the earliest years of our country’s history, Canadians have fought for independence, democracy and social advance. We honour those who led many of these struggles — Louis-Joseph Papineau in Quebec, William Lyon MacKenzie in Ontario, Louis Riel on the Prairies, and Amor de Cosmos in British Columbia.

With the development of capitalism in Canada, a new exploited class was brought into existence — the working class. Since then the struggle between capital and labour has constituted the main driving force of our history.

The Communist Party of Canada aims to create a public forum, to learn, to discuss and to respond to the erosion and cutbacks of our labour, indigenous and social in order to improve our society and our environment

Together we can improve the dignity of our social services and create better living conditions for all. We can forge a future that provides sustainable jobs, a living wage for all, strong public services, a healthy environment and a renewed democracy. Let us stand together as a community to set goals and resist corporate power.

We feel hopeful, we can achieve it.

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The Communist Party of Canada – Guelph