Fidel is a mighty hero

Siegfried Barazov

To the socialist nations and liberated peoples of the world, Fidel Castro was and is a mighty hero, whose spirit stands beside the Great Lenin and all the other champions of a revolutionary tradition extending back almost three thousand years to the time when aristocratic power was first broken with an iron rod as the power of the people was mobilized and gathered around a hero of their own making.



Just as Cypselus of Corinth was remembered as a brutal tyrant by the parasitic aristocrats he cast down in 650 B.C., Fidel Castro will continue to be loathed by the capitalist class and their assorted reactionary lackeys around the world in our own time.  For the fascists who currently strut and dance in the streets of certain American cities, celebrating the death of a nightmarish red bogeyman who haunted their own twisted dreams of untrammeled power and ill-gotten gains, understand something that terrifies them just as it terrifies their political and economic masters.


Cypselus of Corinth. Photo credit: Encyclopaedia Britannica


All exploiters, big and little monsters alike, know the terrible truth: that they are losing and will lose the battle of history.  For the revolutionary tradition, first set into motion in defiant response to the evil exploitation of man by man, is relentless and it will not stop until the final bastion of ruling class power is stormed.  No matter how many times they try to bury it, it will always rise anew and grow stronger.  They cannot escape.  Fidel Castro and revolutionary heroes like him demonstrate the earthshattering truth to the downtrodden working masses of humanity that the proletarian is god.  And that when the working class, the creator of civilization, realizes its own power, and its own destiny, it is unstoppable.  Even the most powerful exploiter and oppressor is ultimately but a tiny mosquito, so easily crushed under the mighty hand of the people.

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