Silence never won rights: resigning of the director of the Montreal Science Centre

At this point, the long strike continues, after the workers of the Vieux-Port (Old Port) of Montreal rejected a tentative agreement held by the negotiation teams of the PSAC Local 10333 and the Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal (SVPM).


Julie Payette, former Canadian astronaut, has announced today her resignation as director of the Montreal Science Centre. Photo credit: Montreal Science Centre.

The existing pressure within the employer’s management is evident, given that Ms. Julie Payette,  the former Canadian astronaut and director of the Montreal Science Centre during the last 3 years, has just resigned today,  as reported by the workers of the Vieux-Port and by Montreal Gazette.

Importantly, we reiterate that this is one of the first strikes in Canada of workers fighting for a $15 minimum wage, so it is of national importance.

We would ask activists and union members across Canada to help by:

  • Building the fight for $15 in other areas will greatly help our struggle. This is a key issue for all the working class.
  • Sending messages of support to PSAC Local 10333 – Old Port Workers of Montreal, O. BOX 116, Succursale Place D’Armes, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 3H8.
  • We would welcome financial support (cheques made payable to Syndicat des employés de la Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal, at above address).
  • Sending letters to Prime Minister Trudeau ( urging the government of Canada to intervene in support of the workers of the Old Port of Montreal.

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