Ensuring democratic justice means guaranteeing the right of workers

This is the third and final fragment of our coverage series on the Fair Vote Canada event about Voter Suppression

Ensuring democratic justice in this country goes beyond shutting down the abusers and manipulators. It means guaranteeing the right of workers to organize, strike, picket, and engage in free collective bargaining, up to and including the amending of the constitution to include Labor Bill of Rights for workers that protects these crucial rights that Canadian workers have fought and died for.

It means enacting mixed-member proportional representation to ensure that every vote counts and elections reflect the true will of Canadians and give voters the right to recall MPs between elections should their actions no longer reflect the will of the people. And above all, we must absolutely guarantee the national rights and self-determination of the indigenous peoples of this land and bring an end to the colonial rule that the Canadian state continues to maintain over them.

We can begin by implementing the recommendations the with regard to the victims

Tristan Dineen candidate of the Communist Party of Canada speaking at Fair Canada Vote's

Tristan Dineen candidate of the Communist Party of Canada speaking at Fair Canada Vote’s

of residential schools and launching an immediate investigation at the highest level concerning the epidemic of missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls, but in the end we must fight for a new constitution based on an equal and voluntary partnership of the Aboriginal peoples, Quebec, the Acadians, and English-speaking Canada that recognizes the right of all nations of self-determination up to and including the right of secession. Anything less than this will perpetuate national inequality and colonial domination in this country. None of this will be easy.

We must remember that justice requires work, and the people of Canada must be willing to do this work. So let’s get organized.

Tristan Dineen is a social activist active in campaigns for increasing the minimum wage, community-radio host, and Candidate of the Communist Party of Canada in Guelph


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