Tristan Dineen: “Free tuition, investment in public education, health and good jobs”

Tristan Dineen is a long-time activist, organizer, and community-radio host in the city of Guelph. He has been active for a number of years in the Guelph Student Mobilization Committee in the ongoing struggle against tuition fee-increases and program cuts at the University of Guelph, and was one of the Committee’s founding members. He has also been highly involved in the 15 and Fairness campaign to raise the Ontario minimum wage, striving to engage and organize working class neighborhoods in Guelph area in the fight for a living wage.

During the University of Guelph student debate, the candidates of seven political parties, Tristan Dineen the Guelph’s representative of the Communist Party of Canada, did a wonderful work analysing the needs of the country and providing solutions for improving the functioning of our society.

Pro-active policies aiming to solve the persistent housing problem, such as building 100,000 social houses in the lapse of four years, linked to identifying the labour needs of people at poverty risk through: “public investments in re-building infrastructures, fully-public hospitals, industry, so that the currently unemployed workforce can have access to an integrative social system”.

All-candidatesTristan Dineen (left), during the Student’s Debate at the University of Guelph, earlier this week. Photo credit: Chris Seto, extracted from the following Guelph Mercury article.

The Platform ( that Tristan Dineen, as Guelph’s MP, aims to bring to Ottawa includes: “Keeping industrial jobs in Canada. By i) ending the sell-out of manufacturing and secondary industry and strengthening the value-added manufacturing sector, ii) expanding employment in industry by nationalizing the steel and auto industries, building a Canadian car, and expanding rapid transit production, iii) promoting stronger machine tool, ship-building, agricultural implement and household appliance industries, iv) using a tariff, currency exchange and other trade controls, plus plant closure legislation with teeth (including fines or public takeover), to protect jobs, v) legislating a two-year notice of layoffs, and, vi) increasing employer-paid severance pay and retraining, and strengthen bankruptcy laws to guarantee protection for wages and pensions.

“Measures must be taken together, not in an isolated manner”, Tristan Dineen said, as improving the social welfare depends on addressing the current relationship between poor public services and low paid jobs. Hence, this requires “expanding public healthcare to all, through an universal service accessible to all”.  In this regards, the vision of Tristan Dineen and the Communist Party of Canada includes:

  • Stop and reverse the sharpening attack on our public health system and universal Medicare.
  • Uphold the Canada Health Act, and close private, for-profit clinics and labs.
  • Expand the public Medicare system to include universal pharmacare, dental and eye care, and long-term care, home and continuing care.
  • Nationalize the pharmaceutical industry.

You will find more details of the Platform at: and you can also contact Tristan Dineen by e-mail: and telephone: 519 994 8147


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