Houses, Jobs and Prosperity

Tristan Dineen great candidate with a great platform for a great city

Tristan Dineen, local Guelph’s candidate for the Communist Party of Canada, has been incredibly active, even more than during his usual daily life, to learn from and advocate for the people of Guelph (You can listen to him and also read some of his interventions in this Guelph Mercury’s coverage of one his debates)

CandidatesTristan Dineen (middle) during one of his debates in Guelph. Photo credit: Rob Flanagan

The platform that Tristan Dineen advances (Platorm of the Communist Party) that has been composed through an intensive process of participation, receiving substantial inputs from communities all across Canada. The candidate for Guelph has been actively defending the rights of those who can’t afford to pay a house, which he relates to high prices of the market, and the massive amount of low-paid jobs.

Re-building the crumbling infrastructure, creating 100,000 social houses, building hospitals, capping the taxes of the wealthy and big corporations, can bring the necessary change and an increased feeling of dignity to the lives of Canadians.

This is what Tristan Dineen and all the team of the Communist Party of Canada stands for.

Change is possible, join us on October 19th


About Communist Party of Canada Guelph - CPC Guelph

Quality jobs, social services, better environment and a great democracy. Summarizing what the Communist Party of Canada advances: We are always with the people!
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