Pay More Get Less


The Pay More Get Less ( includes a coalition of student and labour organisations standing for quality and accessible public education.

Since 2006, tuition fees have increased each year to a level the pushes many students into poverty, and we also have growing problems with student debts. Meanwhile, the quality of our education is in jeopardy, as the programs offered at the University of Guelph are facing $25.4 million in budget.

This year, the Board of Governors reduced 7.58 million in university programming and aims to make significant cuts to reach to 25.4 million dollars over the next two years.

The whole student community is concerned about this and recognize the dangers in several of the recommendations of the Program Prioritization Process, including a move towards online education as a cost saving measure, viewing the deregulation of tuition fees as a revenue generator, the scrapping of minors, the potential elimination of smaller programs, the overworking of faculty, and more.

Undergraduate and graduate students will suffer the impact but  teaching assistants and sessional lecturers recognize the strengths of a diverse and democratic curriculum as opposed to trends towards “differentiation” which often leads to program cuts and further privatization of post-secondary education.

The Pay More Get Less campaign ( includes and event to inform our student and broader Guelph community on what we can do to stop this:

Discussion & Info Night


(Right in the middle of the University of Guelph campus, near the Cannon)

Tuesday Nov. 4

7 – 9 p.m.


More details at our section UPCOMING EVENTS


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