Communist Party of Canada – Guelph


Over the recent years, workers and their labour unions have been watching their rights slowly disappear. The progress that had been made is evaporating as government and big business are doing what they can to undermine our social services, pay contractual positions at a minimum wage, while excluding benefits and pensions. Today, we are witnessing the destruction of the working class while the elites make no excuses for it. Together we can improve the dignity of our social services and create better living conditions for all.

Join us and meet people inside and outside the labour movement to learn how you can be part of this collective action. Together, we can forge a future that provides sustainable jobs, a living wage for all, strong public services, a healthy environment and a renewed democracy. Let us stand together as a community to set goals and take action before the Federal election next year. Let us resist corporate power.


About Communist Party of Canada Guelph - CPC Guelph

Quality jobs, social services, better environment and a great democracy. Summarizing what the Communist Party of Canada advances: We are always with the people!
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